Hospital challenge is today to offer the highest standard of service to each IN-PATIENT and Residents, what ever their nationality, in a very hospitality atmosphere. Focusing mainly on IN-PATIENT, we bring our expertise to set up " STANDARD SERVICES" and at the same time, we are " FORCE of INNOVATION" in finding the right solution to best meet IN-PATIENT requirement at the most economical cost for the hospital. We are constinously developping new ideas in the preparation and distribution of QUALITY FOOD to the wards with an emphasis to developp the best methods to achieve a higher standard of services, supported by a Nutritionist expert to bring a wider choice to the IN-PATIENT. Dietetic is a " MUST" in hospital environment. Our Nutritionists and our Chefs work in a very close collaboration with the Doctors to respond daily to IN-PATIENT needs and to promote dietetary excellence. Although we are specialist with IN-PATIENT Customers, we can on request of our Clients extend our services to Doctors lounges and to hospital staff canteen. In some hospitals, we also operate coffee shops. Our aim is always to operate hospitals services for the best SATISFACTION of our CLIENTS and CUSTOMERS. Additional services such as kitchen technical design and construction management, support to hospital accreditation, HA & JCI can be also proposed to the hospital management.

Our vision is to become the most professional partner for high quality, nutritional food and support services for the healthcare sector. This is DANEBURY vision, something we are all working toward at all times. 
Our values help us to built strong relationship with our Clients through offering consistent, safe and quality services. We will be professional at all time, we will develop true partnership with our Clients, and we are well aware that sanitation and health are paramount. Overall we must ensure that our Clients think DANEBURY when thinking of theses values.
Hospital environment is the most demanding market in Food Safety. The very high standard of Food Safety and hygiene, working with clinical staff and having detailed understanding of the nutritional needs of those we care, is DANEBURY permanent concern with catering staff permanent trained based on  regular training programs supported by our Food Safety policies and procedures.
DANEBURY plays a role in eating habits of the people it serves every day. It guarantees the Food Safety and is engaged in promoting the benefits of well balanced diets to hospital patients and consumers. Our menus are composed by our Executives Chefs and reviewed by our Dieticians according to Doctors requests for the well being our our consumers.
DANEBURY is passionate to deliver premium Food Services to all its consumers. It looks to replicate success, learn from mistakes and develop the ideas, innovation and practices that will help us to improve and to serve our Clients and Customers with high satisfaction level.
DANEBURY encourages individual initiatives and Team Work. Team work is a Must. DANEBURY values good practices and encourages its teams to share good practices at all times. Our teams must have always a positive and commercial
" CAN DO ATTITUDE" in their daily tasks for the full benefit of our Clients and Consumers. TEAM WORK and CAN DO ATTITUDE are permanent leitmotive for DANEBURY catering Teams.


In application of its Food Supply Chain policy, DANEBURY selects only food supply partners, severely screened, and which are working in safe environment and in respect of ISO standards which guarantee with evidence the traceability of all food supplies as well the quality and the freshness of all products.
Professional in Catering Services and General Services, DANEBURY apply  at all times its operational management procedures which cover each step of its services. It is a Must for our Branch Managers to comply effectively with the procedures to guarantee a high level of services at all time.
DANEBURY main task is to feed with high level of services IN and OUT patients and residents. DANEBURY, food service specialist can also manage and operate a large range of food services such as Doctor Lounge, staff canteen, visitors cafeteria and coffee shops, cafe corners, restaurants and retail outlets.